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198 English Paragraphs 2

198 English Paragraphs 2

198 English Paragraphs 2 is a book that contains 198 short texts in English for intermediate and advanced learners. The book is designed to help students improve their reading comprehension, vocabulary, grammar, and writing skills. The book covers a variety of topics, such as culture, history, science, art, literature, and more. Each text is followed by a set of questions and exercises to test the students' understanding and practice their language skills.


The book is written by Peter Dainty, a British author and teacher who has written many books and materials for English learners. The book is published by Longman, a well-known publisher of educational books and resources. The book is part of a series that includes 198 English Paragraphs 1 and 198 English Paragraphs 3, which have similar formats and levels of difficulty.

The book is suitable for students who have reached the B1 or B2 level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), which is a standard that describes the language proficiency of learners. The book can be used for self-study or in a classroom setting, as it provides answers and explanations for the questions and exercises. The book can also be used as a source of supplementary reading material for students who want to expand their knowledge and interest in various topics.

198 English Paragraphs 2 is a book that offers a fun and effective way to improve one's English skills through reading. The book provides a wide range of texts that are engaging, informative, and challenging. The book helps students develop their reading strategies, such as skimming, scanning, guessing, and inferring. The book also helps students enrich their vocabulary, grammar, and writing skills by exposing them to different types of words, structures, and styles. The book is a valuable resource for anyone who wants to enhance their English proficiency and enjoy reading.


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