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How to Install gOS 3 Gadgets on Your PC and Enjoy Google Gadgets for Linux

Download GOS: A Guide to the Lightweight Linux Distribution

If you are looking for a fast, simple, and user-friendly operating system for your computer, you may want to consider downloading gos. Gos is a Linux distribution that is based on Ubuntu and designed to integrate various Google products and services. It also features a sleek and modern desktop environment that resembles Mac OS X. In this article, we will explain what gos is, why you may want to download it, how to download it, and how to use it.

download gos

What is gos and what are its features?

Gos stands for good OS, which reflects its mission to provide an alternative OS with Google Apps and other Web 2.0 apps for the modern user. Gos was developed by Good OS LLC, a company founded in 2007 by David Liu. Gos was first released in November 2007, and the last version, gos 3.1 Gadgets, was launched in January 2009. Gos is no longer under active development, but it is still available for download from various sources.

Gos has several features that make it attractive for users who want a lightweight and easy-to-use operating system. Some of these features are:

  • Gos uses Enlightenment or GNOME as its desktop environment, which are both customizable and aesthetically pleasing.

  • Gos integrates Google Gadgets into the desktop, which are small applications that can be added to the desktop in seconds over the Internet. These gadgets can provide useful information, entertainment, or functionality.

  • Gos also integrates other Google products and services, such as Gmail, Google Docs, Google Calendar, Google Maps, Google Talk, YouTube, Picasa, Blogger, and more. These can be accessed from the desktop or from the browser.

  • Gos comes with a variety of pre-installed applications, such as Firefox, Skype,, GIMP, VLC, Wine, and more. These applications cover most of the common needs of users.

  • Gos is based on Ubuntu, which means that it inherits its stability, security, compatibility, and support. Gos can run on most hardware configurations and can access thousands of software packages from the Ubuntu repositories.

Why would someone want to download gos?

There are many reasons why someone may want to download gos as their operating system. Some of these reasons are:

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  • Gos is free and open source, which means that anyone can download it, use it, modify it, and share it without any restrictions or costs.

  • Gos is lightweight and fast, which means that it can run smoothly on older or low-end computers. Gos can also boot from a live DVD or USB drive without installing anything on the hard disk.

  • Gos is simple and user-friendly, which means that it is easy to install, configure, and use. Gos has a minimalistic and intuitive interface that does not require much learning curve or technical skills.

  • Gos is web-oriented and cloud-based, which means that it can leverage the power of the Internet and the cloud. Gos can access online applications and services without installing anything locally. Gos can also sync data and settings across devices using Google accounts.

  • Gos is fun and innovative, which means that it can offer a unique and enjoyable computing experience. Gos can customize the desktop with various themes and gadgets. Gos can also explore new possibilities with Web 2.0 apps.

How to download gos

If you are interested in downloading gos, you will need to meet some system requirements and follow some steps. Here is a brief guide on how to download gos:

What are the system requirements and supported platforms for gos?

Gos is compatible with most computers that can run Ubuntu or Windows. The minimum system requirements for gos are:

  • A processor with at least 1 GHz speed

  • At least 512 MB of RAM

  • At least 4 GB of free disk space

  • A DVD drive or a USB port

  • An Internet connection

Gos can run on both 32-bit and 64-bit architectures. Gos can also run on Macs that have Intel processors and can boot from USB drives.

What are the steps to download and install gos?

The steps to download and install gos are:

  • Download the gos ISO file from a reliable source. You can find some links to download gos from .

  • Burn the gos ISO file to a DVD or create a bootable USB drive using a tool like .

  • Insert the DVD or the USB drive into your computer and restart it. You may need to change the boot order in your BIOS settings to boot from the DVD or the USB drive.

  • Choose the option to try gos without installing or install gos on your hard disk. If you choose to install gos, you will need to follow the instructions on the screen to select your language, keyboard layout, time zone, partition scheme, and user account.

  • Wait for the installation to complete and then reboot your computer. You should be able to see the gos desktop and start using it.

How to use gos

Once you have downloaded and installed gos, you can start using it and exploring its features. Here are some tips on how to use gos:

What are the main functions and benefits of gos?

Gos has many functions and benefits that can enhance your computing experience. Some of these are:

  • Gos has a simple and elegant desktop that can be customized with different themes and wallpapers. You can also add or remove gadgets from the desktop by right-clicking on it and selecting "Add/Remove Gadgets".

  • Gos has a dock at the bottom of the screen that contains icons for launching applications, accessing files, and switching between windows. You can also drag and drop files or folders onto the dock icons to open them with the corresponding application.

  • Gos has a menu at the top left corner of the screen that contains shortcuts to various Google products and services, such as Gmail, Google Docs, Google Calendar, Google Maps, Google Talk, YouTube, Picasa, Blogger, and more. You can also access these services from the browser by typing their name in the address bar.

  • Gos has a browser that is based on Firefox and has some extensions pre-installed, such as Google Toolbar, Google Gears, Adobe Flash Player, and more. You can also install other extensions or plugins from the Firefox website.

  • Gos has a file manager that is based on Nautilus and has some features added, such as tabs, bookmarks, thumbnails, and more. You can also access your Google Drive files from the file manager by clicking on the "Google Drive" icon in the sidebar.

  • Gos has a software center that allows you to install or remove applications from the Ubuntu repositories or from third-party sources. You can also update your system or check for new versions of gos from the software center.

How to customize and optimize gos settings for different purposes?

Gos has many settings that can be customized and optimized for different purposes. Some of these are:

  • Gos has a control panel that allows you to change various settings related to your system, such as display, keyboard, mouse, sound, network, power, security, and more. You can access the control panel by clicking on the "System" icon in the dock or by selecting "System Settings" from the menu.

Gos has a preferences dialog that allows you to change various settings related to your desktop, such as theme, wallpaper, gadgets, dock, menu, browser, file manager, software cente


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