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Airfader Server 22 Crack

Airfader Server 22: A Personal Monitor System for Yamaha Digital Consoles

If you are looking for a way to create a personal monitor system for your band or worship team, you might want to check out Airfader Server 22. Airfader Server 22 is a software that allows you to connect any combination of Android and iPad devices to a Yamaha 01V96, LS9, or M7CL digital console by using a Windows computer as a server. It is designed to be a reliable and efficient tool, not eye candy to sell consoles.


With Airfader Server 22, you can give each musician control of their own mix (and only their mix) and work with existing in-ear monitors, wedges, or headphone amps. Users just connect to the network, enter the server information, and go. They can adjust the volume, pan, mute, and solo of any channel assigned to them by the engineer. They can also see the channel names, colors, and meters on their devices. Airfader Server 22 supports up to 32 channels and 16 mixes per console.

Airfader Server 22 has all the same control features as the Standard Edition, but allows more than one device to connect at the same time. The Standard Edition is intended for engineers who want to control the console from a Windows desktop or laptop, or connect one Android or iPad tablet using the free Airfader Mobile app. The Mobile app is designed to remotely control one of the Windows versions of Airfader. It will not connect directly to a console.

If you have an Android device and want to connect directly to a Yamaha LS9 or M7CL console, you can use the Airfader LS9 Pro or Airfader M7CL Pro app respectively. These apps provide access to almost all mixing-related features supported by Airfader, but do not allow multiple devices and do not provide permissions controls .

Airfader Server 22 is currently on sale for $99.83, which is 33% off the regular price of $149. You can buy it online from the official website. You can also download a free trial version that works for 15 minutes per session. Airfader has been setting the standard for tablet mixing for nearly a decade and has received positive feedback from users around the world. If you want to take your live sound mixing to the next level, give Airfader Server 22 a try today!


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